Get Bangalored     Services Available at our Kengeri, RRnagar & Ramanagara Centres include: Painless, Stichless Cataract Surgery by phacoemulsification, Multifocal IOL implantation, Retinal Imaging, Anterior Segment Imaging, Speciality Consultations, Lasik Laser Treatment for Spectacle Free Vision, Short Sight Correction, Astigmatism Correction,Squint correction, Glaucoma Imaging, Headache Clinic, Green Laser for Diabetes, YAG laser for AfterCataract, Fundus Fluoroscien Angiography, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Non Contact Tonometry (NCT), Transcanalicular Laser Dacryocystorhinostomy.

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Bangalore is one of Asia’s Fastest growing city located to the South of the Deccan Plateau. We are blessed with one of the most pleasant climatic conditions throughout the year since we are located over 1000Mts over sea level. History has it that this city derives its name from ‘Benda kazhina Ooru”, or a city of Baked Beans from the Chola King Veera Ballala who built this city in memory of an old lady who served him with baked beans after a tiresome hunting trip. One of the Chieftains of the Vijayanagar Empire in 1537 AD then anglicized the name to ‘Bangalore”,
    Industrially, Growth has been achieved without compromising on the Environment, and much of Bangalore’s Prowess is attributed to its scientific temper that one can visualize all over the City. Nature has bestowed this region with a beautiful array of Flowering trees and Orchids which line the innumerable parks and streets in colours of red, yellow, green and orange.


1. Excellent International and Domestic Air Connectivity

2.Reasonably priced Services keeping in mind the economic conditions of Patients seeking medical tourism from "source"countries

3. High Awareness and Good reputation about India and Bangalore as a "destination" for High Quality Medical and surgical Services in the International Medical Tourism Map

4. Availability of Intermediaries, Trained Guides, Health care executives in both source and destination countries to take care of liasoning, logistics, Language interpreters and post treatment care to enable seamless delivery of 360degree High Quality Medical and Surgical Care

5. Availability of Reasonably priced hotels, tourism infrastructure, international cuisine and exotic food, culture and heritage to achieve a once in a lifetime experience.


    Although English is the Lingua franca of the entire city, a lot of other Indian languages and foreign languages such as Spanish, French, Urdu, Arabic are also spoken as the Population consists of a large number of Expatriates from Europe, South Asia, and America.
A city of poets, Many honeymooners come here to enjoy the most memorable moments of their lives while many couples just come here to relax and take a refreshing break year after year.
The bazaars and shopping malls offer a fine selection of silks, sandalwood, handicrafts, souvenirs & incense sticks.


    It is our earnest desire that when our overseas patients visit us for eye treatment, they must also get exposed to some of Mother Nature’s beautiful creations that surround Bangalore. We take it upon ourself to provide you with that once in a lifetime wholesome experience for you and your entire family which you will cherish for a Long time.

    “Get Bangalored” is an expression that will linger in your memories for what will turn out to be a journey for the entire family that will open your eyes both literally and figuratively at a cost that is just a small fraction of what you will incur just for the surgery alone in your home country.

The Comparative Costs between India and other developed countries like US, UK, and Singapore - Approximate Figures In US Dollars.






Bone Marrow Transplant

upto 200,000

upto 200,000



Bypass Surgery





Breast Lump Removal










Knee Joint Replacement





Cataract Surgery by Phacoemusification with IOL per Eye





Lasik Spectacle free Vision for Both Eyes 3000 2800 2000 1000

In-vitro fertilisation (IVF) cycle





Facilities available for overseas patients(Foreigners) under-                      Get Bangalored Programme

1. Airport Pick up and Drop for patient and family.           ..!


 2. Stay for 3 days and 3 Nights at one of the finest club resorts in bangalore with all facilities
    available for recreational activities for family and accompanying children such as  swimming pool, jaccuzi, tennis courts, discotheque, club restaurant and bar, Snooker/Billiards etc and other  associated facilities.




3. Cataract Surgery by Phacoemulsification with Foldable Intraocular Lens(Monofocal/Multifocal-AMO,USA/Carl zeiss Meditec-France, Acrilisa IOL) , LASIK Laser Treatment for Short Sight, Long Sight, and Astigmatism Correction, Customized Wavefront ablation along with Topo guided LASIK for complicated cases, and other Regular Eye Procedures.                



4. Various Sight Seeing packages available for patient and family( Subject to Post Surgical     clearance from Operating Surgeon).                


5. Free Eye Check Up for the Entire Family.                


6. Interpreters available for over 70 foreign languages in case the medium of communication is different from English.                  

For Further information , bookings and reservation, Please call on 91-80-28603343, or e-mail us at

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Want To Know More about Bangalore, Then Read on-some excerpts from


Vidhana Soudha


Bangalore is made up of two districts, Bangalore Urban and Bangalore Rural. This article covers Bangalore Urban.


The earliest records of a place named 'Bengalooru' were found in a 9th century temple in an area that is now known as 'Old Bangalore'. Once the feudal lord Kempe Gowda was hunting in this area, a rabbit turned and attacked his dog. This made a great impression on the lord and he gave the place a title of gandu bhoomi (the place of heroes) and in 1537, with the assistance of the local king, he constructed three districts protected by a walled fort on the site.

During the next three centuries, Bangalore existed very much in the shadow of its neighboring city Mysore, and control of the town changed hands many times. The year 1831 marked a major turning point for the city. Claiming misrule by the king Krishna Raja Wodeyar III, the British took control of the Mysore Kingdom and, possibly influenced by the city's mild climate, moved the administrative capital to Bangalore. New telecommunication systems were laid, rail connections built, fine government buildings constructed and the city's famous parks and gardens established. After independence, Bangalore maintained its position as the Karnataka state capital, and continues to flourish.

For many years, Bangalore was known throughout India as the most green, liberal and forward-thinking city. In recent years, these attributes have propelled Bangalore to the forefront of the high-tech industry boom in India, and it currently ranks as India's most developed city and one of the world's fastest growing urban areas.

The name Bangalore appears to come from an Anglicization of the native name "Bengalooru" - an adaptation of the earlier name in Kannada: Benda Kaal Ooru (The Town of Boiled Beans). Apparently this rather humble name was bequeathed to the city by king Vira Ballala. Once while lost in the area, he was offered boiled beans by an old woman, and it was out of gratitude that he named the area after this simple offering.


Some Facts

Area: 365.6

Altitude: 914.4 m (3000 ft) above sea level

Geographical Location

Unlike other parts of India which are extremely hot in the summer months, Bangalore enjoys a relatively mild climate year round.




Get in                         

 By Air

Bangalore Airport (BLR) is a International airport that caters to travellers from Southern Karnataka, Neighbouring Tamil Nadu and Southern Andhra Pradesh . Bangalore also has two other airports that mainly cater to Military needs at Jakkur and for Aeronautical Development at Marathahalli.

 International Flights

Bangalore has direct flights to many major European and Asian destinations. Notable international flights are from Frankfurt on Lufthansa, from Singapore on Singapore Airlines and JetStar Asia, from Kuala Lumpur (KL) on Malaysian Airlines, from Helsinki on Finnair from London on British Airways, from Dubai on Emirates, from Paris on Air France and from Bangkok on Thai Airways and on Nok Air discount airline.

Due to aircraft timing and airport capacity constraints at the old airport , many international flights used to arrive and depart in the dead of night. For example, British Airways, Lufthansa, JetStar Asia, Emirates and Air France all had to schedule their flights to arrive and depart between 1am and 4am. Since the airport was functional 24hrs a day,  You won't have any more trouble changing money or finding a taxi at 4am than you would at 4pm. The operations in this airport have been temporarily suspended and the buzz is that it may be reopened sooner than later to cater to domestic and short haul flights as it is located right in the heart of the city and is very convenient to most travellers.

A new international airport has been constructed at Devanahalli, 35 km (22 mi) north of downtown Bangalore. The airport's first flight took off in June 2008. It is supposed to  cater to 11 million passengers in Phase 1. Its final capacity is estimated to be 40 million passengers. Presently it handles both short haul, Long haul, domestic and international flights to and from Bangalore.

 Domestic Flights

Indian Airlines, now renamed as Indian, connects Bangalore with all parts of the country. Jet Airways, SpiceJet, GoAir, and IndiGo are other  major domestic airlines that fly into Bangalore from other major cities. Paramount Airways is a startup business-class only airline, with service to Chennai and other South Indian Cities. Air Deccan was a popular no frills airlines that operated to most cities and large towns. Now it has been acquired by Kingfisher Airlines in a merger that has seen synergy in both scale as well as operations.   Kingfisher Airlines is a Bangalore based discount airline company, offering regular flights between Bangalore, Delhi, Goa, Mumbai,Belgaum,Chennai,Hyderabad,Pune,Hubli-Dharwad,Coimbatore. With a little bit of investigation, you might get a better fare on Kingfisher than from even the no Frills airlines.

 On Arrival

Once off the plane, you'll need to go through immigration (if you are on an international flight) and then collect your bags. You'll then pass through customs and into the small arrival hall. If you need to get money, there are a few  ATMs  on the left just before you go outside the terminal. There are also a few money change booths that will accept all manner of foreign currency.

The best way to get into town is to take a Easy Cab taxi. There are other choices, a government run Bus service with very low prices and Good Quality AirConditioned VolVo Buses or a private Taxi operator  with whom you can bargain if you are good at it. The best way is to take a Easy Cab taxi who charges approximately Rs 15 per Km and provides Comfortable transit from the Airport to your hotel.

Another option is to arrange with your hotel in Bangalore to have a driver pick you up at the airport. Some hotels, especially those in the higher price ranges, provide this service for free if you are staying with them. If it's your first time traveling to Bangalore, this is by far the easiest way to get from the airport to your hotel. The driver will be found outside the airport with a card bearing your name, the only difficulty being that about 100 other drivers will also be waiting outside the airport, all vying for your attention. Luckily there is a short fenced walkway that separates the drivers from those leaving the airport, giving you some time and space to find, and if necessary negotiate, your ride into Bangalore. Once you leave the walkway, some drivers may become fairly aggressive, and might try to take your bag without your permission. The best thing do to is to keep track of, and in control of, your belongings. Even the most aggressive taxi driver or tout will leave you alone if you stand firm and make it clear that you do not want their help. Upon arriving at your destination a tip of 20-40 Indian Rupees is plenty.

 By train

The Bangalore City railway station is situated in the centre of the city, around the Majestic Bus stand. All trains, both local and long-distance, arrive and depart from here. A new terminal at the Yeswantpur railway station (not very far away from the main railway station) is growing and there are a few outbound trains that regularly arrive and depart from it.

Bangalore also has a railway station in the Cantonment Area, called the Cantonment Railway Station - this is centrally located and in a better part of town. Not all trains stop here, though. However, there is a proposal to develop this into a new hub, in order to ease congestion out of the ever bustling Bangalore station.

Bookings can be done at either the railway station or at a few of Indian Railways booking counters at major residential areas. Booking can also be done online from the Indian Railways site ( Trains do fill up, but most trains have a special reserved quota for foreigners, which can work to your advantage. You have to book at a special desk in the train station, and show both a foreign passport and some proof (such as an ATM reciept) that your money came from a foreign account. For a good reference on the various classes of Indian rail travel, and how to book tickets, see the India Page on Note that if you are booking at Bangalore Central and are traveling to Mysore, there is a different line for travelers to Mysore and travelers to all other destinations. This is to cater for the large amount of travelers between Bangalore and Mysore. If traveling to Mysore on a Sunday afternoon, arrive early as there is usually a long line for buying tickets!

As with all Indian railway travel, bring some patience for delays. Trains can sometimes be several hours late. A video departure board in the station will tell you what platform your train is on and what time it leaves.

Train travel is usually fairly cheap. For example, a ticket to Chennai, about 360 km (5 hrs) away, costs anywhere from Rs 125 for the lowest class to Rs 1105 for the highest class.

 By bus

If you have difficulty in arranging a plane or railway ticket to your next destination, or you prefer a little more adventure, you can go by bus. There are both government and private busses that run services to major nearby cities like Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Mangalore, Coimbatore, Madurai etc. Buses can be a normal luxury bus, a Volvo A/C bus or a sleeper bus for night travel. Some bus operators like Raj National Express/KPN Travels/Customer Needz offer online bookings.

All intercity buses arrive and depart from Bangalore bus stand, which is located opposite the city railway station. Officially named after the founder of Bangalore, 'Kempegowda Bus Station' is more commonly known as 'the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus stand' or 'the Majestic Bus Station'. It handles buses that connect Bangalore to all major cities and states in south India. The main bus stand of 'the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) ,' which maintains bus services within the city, is located next to the Kempegowda Bus Station. BMTC has now introduced Air conditioned Volvo buses in order to maintain the status of the IT city.

Unlike other metros, the display boards in the bus show the destination in Kannada. Only the bus number is in English. If you don't speak Kannada, you will likely need to get some help to get on the right bus.

By car

Driving in India can be very stressful. Use of the horn is mandatory in all situations. Lane splitting is the rule, not the exception. And games of chicken, combined with razor thin passing margins are common. One ride in a taxi will most likely convince you that driving yourself is not worth the risk, so if you do want to arrive by car you'll probably want to hire both a car and a driver. Cost varies, but most car/driver combinations cost Rs 1400 to Rs 1700/day. Depending on where you are coming from, you may be able to negotiate a lower fare if the trip isn't far, and it may be a higher fare if you are traveling far and your driver has to travel back on his own time. Be aware that South India, including Bangalore, can get very hot and humid, even in the winter. Although it costs more, consider requesting an air conditioned car if you aren't used to the heat. An "Air Con" car will also help filter out the air pollution, which is considerable, especially on congested roadways. If you want something even more special, such as a fancy car or SUV, be prepared to pay extra.

Get around

By bus

Buses in Bangalore are cheap and usually frequent, but traveling on them can be very difficult if you don't know the system well. Local city buses display only the route number in English, with the destination and route information is written in Kannada. This means you will have to know what route number you need before you get on, which you can find from the BMTC website or by asking locals. Unlike many Western countries, posted route maps of the bus system are rare, although maps are sold at the main bus terminal (Majestic Bus Stand).

City buses will be crowded during rush hours but one can travel with little difficulty during day time. Bus service is less frequent after 9:30 - 10:00 pm and becomes rare after 10:30 pm.

It is always better to buy a daily pass if you plan to travel the whole day on the bus. The daily pass costs Rs 25 and it comes handy if you need to travel on several buses in a single day. Daily passes are issued by the on-duty bus conductor or at the bus stand, mostly till 1 pm in the afternoon. Using this pass you can travel in any bus (other than A/C Volvo) for the entire day, any number of times. It is a very economical option for travel in Bangalore.

There are Four major bus stands:

From all of these Four  bus stands, buses are available for all major regions of city.

Other important bus stands are

Buses with black display boards run within the city. Red board buses covers long distance and go to adjoining suburbs. There is a ‘Pushpak’ service with better seating; these buses are tan rather than the usual blue. Recently A/C Volvo buses have also been introduced for selected routes.

By auto-rickshaw

Auto-rickshaws are everywhere at any time of day. They are Black/Green/yellow three wheeled contraptions that use simple two-stroke engines and belch out pollutants. Nevertheless, they are a fast way to get around the city.

Autos are supposed to charge according to the meter, and you should simply refuse to board one where the meter is faulty or the driver refuses to use it. Saying "meter please" will usually do the trick. If you are desperate to get somewhere, you should at least negotiate the fare before boarding.

Autos add a 50% surcharge after 10 pm (called "one and half"). Some drivers may demand 100% surcharge after 10PM or 11PM but you must refuse to board in such a case. Heavy luggage costs an additional fee of around Rs10 or 20.

Rickshaw drivers are required by law to display their identification on the dashboard or the back of their seats. Refuse to get into a rickshaw that does not.

If a rickshaw driver offers to show/drive you to some great places to shop, firmly refuse. A common tactic is to drive you to local shops where you will be pressured to buy Indian crafts that you probably don't want. Know your destination and insist upon it. Be firm.

The minimum charge as of June 2007, is Rs 12 for the first 2km and Rs 6 for every additional km. A trip from the HAL Airport to Brigade road costs about 50rs including (a good) tip.

Finally, although Bangaloreans are known for their polite and mild manners, some auto drivers are an exception. Therefore be careful in dealing with them.

 By taxi

The taxis in Bangalore are very convenient and comfortable. Most of the vehicles are Maruti Omni Vans or Tata Indica cars, which are much safer than Auto rickshaws, and the drivers are polite. If you are alone or going to an unknown destination, you are strongly advised to choose this option, even though the rates will be double that of an auto. The rates are Rs. 35 for 4 km (2.5 mi)(minimum) and Rs 9 for every extra kilometer.

Unlike many other countries, taxis are not marked with 'TAXI' signs on the top. In fact, you must call for a taxi, as it is nearly impossible to hail one unless you are at a major point like the airport. When you call, you should negotiate a fare (or agree on using the meter) and get the taxi's 'number'. The taxi will come pick you up, and call you when they are close. When you go out on the street, look at the license plate for the number they gave you -- it will be the last four digits of the license plate. This is usually in the format "KA" followed by 01 to 05 or 50+, followed by "M" and then another alphabet, followed by a four digit number. Taxis generally have yellow license plates with black letters.

Although it can be hard for non-Indians to grasp at first, the system is actually very effective. If in doubt, ask a member of your hotel staff to help you, and when your taxi comes be sure to tip them Rs. 10 or Rs. 15 for the assistance.

 By private car

Most taxi and auto-rickshaw drivers will be more than happy to offer you either a daily rate or an hourly rate, and take you around wherever you need to go. Alternately, your hotel or a travel company can arrange a private car.

If you find a good taxi or auto driver, this can be a great way to go for a foreigner. You'll certainly pay a lot more than if you bought individual rides, but you'll always have a driver waiting for you, and he can help with recommending local tourist sites, finding a good restaurant to eat at, and otherwise coping with day-to-day life. This can take a lot of the stress out of traveling.

Rates are generally something like Rs. 50 to 100 per hour for an auto-rickshaw, and Rs 150 to 250 per hour for a taxi. Rates for a private car booked via the hotel will probably be more. Like everything else in India, rates are very fluid.


Although Bangalore is not known as a tourist city, there is still a lot to see. If you only have a limited amount of time in the city, you should consider taking one of the half-day or full-day city tours offered by KSTDC, the government tourist office. They are cheap and cover the city's major attractions with English speaking guides.

KSTDC also offers longer full-day and multi-day trips to places outside of Bangalore. These include pre-arranged transit, hotel, meals, etc.

Typically, the tours (including the city tours) do NOT include entry fees into the attractions. Bangalore, as with the rest of India, has a habit of charging foreigners a lot more than locals. For example, Tipu Sultan's Palace, which is on the half-day tour, charges Rs. 10 for Indians and Rs. 100 (or $2 USD) to non-Indians.

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Iskcon Temple

Iskcon Temple

Lord Shiva Temple behind Kemp Fort, Airport Road

Lord Shiva Temple behind Kemp Fort, Airport Road


Lal Bagh glass house

Lal Bagh glass house



There is a theater hall located in J. P. Nagar, called Rangashankara. 36/2/, 8th Cross, J.P. Nagar, 2nd Phase. Tel: 26592777 or 26494656. Tickets range between Rs. 45 – 100. Usually the evening shows start at 7:30 pm. The theater hall management is very strict about starting time. They will not let you in even one minute after the show has started, so make sure you plan to arrive at least 4-5 minutes earlier. You will not be allowed to bring in any drinks or refreshments. Many local groups perform there, although more often shows are presented by travelling groups touring around India. Quality of the performances varies, but most plays are worth seeing, especially the ones by Indian playwrights and / or directors, as they can show you an "Indian" (or let's say "non-western") perspective. You can visit Rangashankara's website for information on what plays are running. Shows are in various languages, so it is a good idea to double-check whether the play is in English before buying / reserving (“blocking”) tickets.


Take in a movie at one of the innumerable theaters around the city, splurge at the PVR Gold Class Cinema in Forum Mall or Inox theatre in Garuda Mall, BiG Cinemas Multiplex at Gopalan Arch Mall. Nani Cinematheque has film series almost every weekend programmed by local film clubs, like Collective Chaos and the Bangalore Film Society. A club membership (around Rs 500/year) is typically required for entrance. The Alliance Francaise and Goethe Institute also host frequent foreign film series and cultural events.


The professionals of India's "silicon city" work and play hard, and massages and spa treatments are easily available in Bangalore. Visitors might need a little respite from the roaring traffic and fast-paced lifestyle too. Spas are very much a part of Bangalore's East-meets-West culture, and new ones spring up across the city all the time. Among the best is SPA.ce on Cunningham Road, run by an ex-pat Brit. It's best to book in advance for this spa but the colonial-style decor alone is worth the trip. If you want a typical ayurvedic spa with massage and jacuzzi treatments Kerala Style, go to the Spa Senses at The Club, located on Mysore Road. Located away from the buzz of the city, it will also give you an opportunity to go to Gopalan Arch Mall nearby for some shopping, Big Cinemas Multiplex if you are a movie buff, or if you want to just get lost in a jungle type location, go to the Bangalore University Campus located at a stones throw away from The Club. If You are a sports buff, Visit the nearby Sports Authority of India Sprawling Campus complete with a 9 Hole Golf Course where you can catch the Most Happening Earthlings of Bangalore Playing Serious Golf.

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IT Education

Science and Stuff

Bangalore is famous for its innumerable educational and research institutes. The India Institute of Science, set in sprawling grounds, is the largest and best in India. It does cutting-edge research on almost any topic imaginable. Also, there are other places like JNCASR (Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research), the various veternary and agriculture universities, the University of Bangalore, and NCBS (National Centre for Biological Sciences). There is also the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium, which conducts two sky-gazing shows daily, and conducts many exhibitions and workshops by / for children. More information can be found at

Other places include the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, DRDO Defence Research and Devlopment Org.), ISRO Satellite Centre, Raman Research Institute, Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Centre for Airborne Systems Studies and Analysis, Microwave Tube Research and Development Centre, Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Central Power Research Institute, National Institute of Advanced Studies (NIAS), CSIR Centre for Mathematical Modelling and Computer Simulation (CMMACS), Indian institute of Management - Bangalore (IIM -B), Indian Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore (IIIT-B), Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB), Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) and National Institute of Mental Health & Neuro Science.

In short, Bangalore is the place to go to in India for post-graduation (graduate studies) or higher.



With a little hard work and persistance finding a job is quite possible in Bangalore. Most of the available positions are in the IT field but not necessarily IT based. Several Expats do marketing, quality assurance, accent training and translation among other things. All jobs in India require either a business or employment visa which must be obtained abroad and sponsorded by the hiring company. In general, the salary is very high compared to the local Indian wage. Internships in general, pay around Rs.10000-Rs.15000 per month while full-time jobs average between Rs.30000-Rs.50000 per month plus flights and housing. The best resource for jobs is through the expat community. Ask around but a good place to meet people are at the Sunday brunches at the 5 Star hotels or the numerous coffee shops in the MG Road area.





Bangalore provides wide range of options for shoppers. One can buy many things ranging from silk saree and latest clothings to hi-fi electronic goods and latest vehicles. Being IT city, Bangalore provides all kind of services but one might find things to be costlier.

Many visitors come to Bangalore searching only for sandalwood carvings and silk sarees and so miss out on the true Bangalore shopping experience. Here is a low down on shopping - Bangalore style:

The M.G Road/Brigade Road area is the most popular place for tourists, and these two roads are filled with shops of every kind, whether it be traditional handicrafts or the latest western wear (this is especially true for Brigade Road).

Bannerghatta Road a tiresome approach it used to be (sounds yodaish)...but now it's much better..and you have 'Grasshopper' a space that exhibits clothing design from the most experimental designers in India and also showcases other ideas - lighting design, products, theatre, music - an open space for expression! and if that's too boring, you can keep driving and you have a thousand ways that you can take to enjoy the wildlife and the myriad resevoirs strewn across the area - you can still find your very own private haven. Enjoy

Brigade Road was used to be where once British soldiers bought their necessities. How things have changed! Today Brigade road is the centre of yuppie Bangalore, you'll see hordes of college students on the road anytime of day or night. Some of the stores on Brigade Road include: Planet M (a huge music store with everything), Louis Phillipe, Pepe Jeans, Levis,Lee, SanFrisco Jeans, Nike, Titan (great Indian made watches) just to name a few... There are also many eateries on either side of the roads and on the side roads that lead of Brigade road, so that you can refuel yourself for shopping! There are your fast food outlets: KFC (right at the entrance), Pizza Hut at the other end of the road and many cafes including the Indian Coffee Chain Cafe Coffee Day.Also includes a Tattoo parlor.

Commercial Street a legacy of the British is another shopping mecca that sells international brands (similar to Brigade road) along side locally produced items. Commercial Street has more of a bazaar feel than Brigade Road. In addition, it is famous for its tattoo and body piercing centers. The price of goods here is very competitive and it is a great place to pick a bargain.

Malls in India are a recent phenomenon, the first opened back in 1999, since then there has been a boom with malls around every corner in large cities (now also in smaller cities). Bangalore is no exception! Here is list of the major Malls in Bangalore, but beware that there are at least a dozen in the planning and construction stages!

Forum Mall The Forum on Hosur road is in the upmarket suburb of Koramangla, fast becoming a key shopping hub in Bangalore. Again like other shopping areas, you can find anything at the Forum, high international brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Swarovski Crystals to traditional Indian Khadi clothing at the Khadder. Other brands with outlets include: United Colours of Bennetton (much cheaper here than in the west), Pepe Jeans U.K, William Penn, Wrangler Jeans, Weekender and of course Nike. The Forum incorporates the clothing from international brands as well as haute couture boutiques including: Mustard, Isis, B and the Chai shop. For books head straight to Landmark and huge store has everything from books to perfumes and music. On the top floor of the mall you will find a PVR multiplex comprising 11 cinemas. For eating there is everything, Fast food (KFC, McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Subway) Cafe Coffee Day and a food court with world cuisines including: Chinese, Vietnamese, Mexican and Italian and Indian. Not to be missed is the Indian cusine at Sahib Sindh Sultan and the British style pub, Firangi Pani. So that is a forum for all your shopping needs under one roof! Its just a must see, especially the outside.

Garuda Mall Located on the corner of McGrath and Commissariat Roads, is the newest mall in Bangalore. This Mall is definitely catered to the upper class of Indian society. Many of the same brands as Forum are available as well as some that are not. One of the major draw points of this mall is that it houses the Indian department chain store: Shoppers Stop, which once stood across the road as a separate building but is now part of this new mall. The Mall also houses a INOX cinema multiplex on the top floor.

Bangalore Central Opened around the same as the Forum, Bangalore Central is more of a large department store than a mall with separate retailers. It still is must visit for shoppers in Bangalore. It is located in city centre on the corner of M.G and Residency Roads (Opposite Mayo Hall), so unlike the Forum it is walkable distance to the main M.G/Brigade Roads shopping area. It has a huge range of everything (like department stores in the west), clothing (Indian and Western brands), electronics, perfumes, accessories as well as a supermarket on the top floor and food court plus a Cafe Coffee Day. They have a altering service with in the store and can be done in two hours depending on the rush.

Safina Plaza Is sale central in Bangalore, located on Infantry Road. Every week there is sale going on of any type. One week it might be home furnishings and the next men's wear. Good place to find some bargains. Many exhibitions are also held here, although there are retailers (Dockers, Lee Jeans, Titan too name a few) here too. So for quiet shopping come here (much less crowded than the other malls). Its best to visit during end of season sales (summer, monsoon) or during festivals (New Year, Christmas, Ganesh Chaturthi).

Sampige Road, Malleswaram Tired of going to mall, and indulging in window shopping.Try Sampige (a flower name) Road. Sampige Road is the heart of Malleswaram and connects Sheshadripuram to IISc.Sampige Road is around 2 km, has a wide range of shops that sells books, electronic items, silk sarees, handicrafts, cloth materials, Hindu pooja materials, sweets and all the trivial things you can buy on earth. Also try Malleswaram 8th cross on Sampige road(aptly named Brigade Road of Malleswram) for a vibrant shopping experience.Sampige Road is also home to best flower market and fruits market in Bangalore. If you are tired of going to individual shops you can go for the best departmental stores in Bangalore like Fabmall, foodworld, Nilgiris.

Marathahalli Main Road and Factory Outlets Located a distance from central Bangalore (although not difficult to reach), is Marathahalli (a village in a previous life). The main road of this suburb is now a haven for factory outlets for all major brands: Nike, Adidas, Pepe Jeans, Killer Jeans, Louis Phillipe, Levi's, Reebok etc.. You can expect prices here to be cheaper than in the Malls, at least 20-30% price difference but can be up to 50% cheaper when it comes to some of the major denim brands! As if India wasn't cheap enough. Although this is the best place to go to for factory outlet shopping, there are smaller factory outlets scattered across the city. Also look out for sales held by the major brands to get rid of end of season stock (again end of summer or end of monsoon), these are usually advertised in newspapers or look for signs posted on major roads.

Metro shopping mall Near Yashwanthpura railway station and ISKON temple.

 There is a new upmarket shopping mall called ORION mall in Rajajinagar that is fully airconditioned and has a variety of branded stores for everything from clothes, shoes, jewellery, mobiles etc. All the malls have movie multiplexes inside them where you can even catch your favourite movie stars and entertain yourself.  Bangalore's Outer Ring Road is located very near to our Hospital and the ORR is now getting filled with malls, branded outlets as well as eateries that offer authentic cuisine to test your taste buds.

Lifestyle Store near Globus/Garuda Mall.

This two-storey store is located in the heart of the new mall shopping district with malls like Garuda Mall, Bangalore Central and Globus, all within easy walking distance and was one of the most coveted stores until the malls came along. It's an easy place to go shopping when you don't want too many options to confuse you or when you're tired and don't want to visit too many shops - you can get everything under one roof here. Good for clothes, cosmetics, watches, jewellery, shoes etc. You also get stylish furniture and other home and living items for a decent price.

UB City - This is a centrally located Luxury Mall of 5 block towers spread over 1.6million Sqft, at a distance of 1.6km from MG Road/City centre, capable of accomodating around 1600 cars in its parking lot. It has all the Global luxury brand stores, the most expensive restaurants, housing Multinational Corporates, with its own helipad providing immediate access to the airport. It also has Bangalore's tallest tower - UB Tower which houses the offices of the UB group of India's Liquor Baron Mr Mallya who owns an Formula 1 racing team among other businesses.

Music and Movies


This guide uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:


Under Rs 150


Rs 150-500


Over Rs 500

Bangalore is far from the sea, hence if you have a sensitive stomach and are new to the Indian cuisine you should stay away from seafood and fish in Bangalore.


Bangalore literally has hundreds of fast food joints serving south Indian vegetarian food. They usually are identified with small round steel tables and diners standing around them having food. Dosas, idlis, vada's, curd rice, Vegetable Pulao, rice with sambar, lemon rice are usually standard fare. Quality widely varies, since most of them cater to working people.





 South Karnataka



Fast Food and Ice Cream Parlors

Serves 25 Super Smooth Home-made Ice Cream Flavours along with Health Drinks,Yummy varieties of Kulfi's,Milk Shakes,Ice Tea,Ice Cream Novelties and tasty Chaats.






Some of the Dhabas in South Bangalore Kanakapura Road 1. Friends 2. Queens court 3. Eden huts





The three places above are India's answer to Starbucks and serve snacks, teas, other drinks & coffee of exceptional quality.

Pubs and bars

Bangalore is home to numerous pubs and bars - earning it the epithet the Pub City of India. Note that due to recent police crackdowns, pubs close at 11:30 p.m. in most cases.


Most bars and pubs in the city are somewhat upscale, but many inexpensive restaurants serve beer.and good quality food


Most hotels have spiffy bars with every imaginable concoction of drinks available.


Due to demand vastly outstripping supply, good hotels in Bangalore are insanely expensive — with average rates pushing US$500/night, it's possibly the most expensive city on Earth to a businessman expecting a Western-style experience to sleep in. Fortunately prices at the lower end of the spectrum are rather more reasonable.





Being the capital of Karnataka, the official language in Bangalore is Kannada. English is the common denominator. Other languages like Tamil and Hindi are also widely understood.

One common expression probably peculiar to Bangalore would be the "By two coffee" meaning a coffee shared between two people. Mostly overheard at the stand-and-eat darshinis.


The dialing code for Bangalore is 080. When calling from overseas, dial +91 80 XXXX XXXX. If you have a non-working phone number with only 7 digits try to add a "2" in front of it.

If you don’t have an Indian phone number, it is strongly recommended that you get a pre-paid calling card if you plan on using your phone frequently. Because of new government regulations, you need a photocopy of your passport (visa and the ID pages), a color photo, and proof of local address (in Bangalore) when buying a pre-paid card. If you do not have the appropriate paperwork, I would recommend asking a local friend to buy a pre-paid card on your behalf. Pre-paid cards are sold in a few of the shops that sell mobile equipment.

PCOs are a good option. You will find them almost every 100m. These are public pay-phones (post-pay) and there will be a person on the shop to take the payments. Check your bill generated (from the billing machine) and make the payment accordingly. Payments are always in indian rupees.


There are plenty of Internet Centres which charge around Rs.20 per hour.

 Stay Safe

Bangalore is a relatively safe city during day time. But it is equally unsafe once it gets dark. It is not advisable to walk along deserted alleyways or lanes after dark. Rising incomes has brought an influx of people from outside the city, leading to extreme disparities in earnings between locals and expatriates (people from other parts of the state and also from other states) which arguably has resulted in a substantial increase in crime rates. Most of the victims are from IT industry who are waylaid on their way back home, and robbed of their belongings.

Avoid using an autorickshaw if the driver is not alone.



List of Major Hospitals and health care centers:


Pharmacies are dime a dozen and you should not have any problem locating one. You do not need any prescription for Modern Medicine Over the Counter drugs and ayurvedic medicine (proprietary and traditional), which are available for most common ailments like fever, headache, etc., But you will need prescription for other medicines, which are categorized as Schedule H drugs.

 Get out

Only a few of the major places of interest, such as Mysore and Nandi Hills, and those close to Bangalore need to be listed here. Less famous and far away sites (more than a 90 minute drive) have not been listed here.


Scenic spots





General Guidelines

All foreign nationals entering India are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport or UN Laissez Faire with a valid visa obtained from an Indian Mission or Post abroad. Nationals of Nepal, Bhutan and Maldives are however, exempted from this requirement.

All foreign nationals are required to apply in the prescribed form for visa. The application, complete in all respects, with two passport-size photographs and a photocopy of the passport, should be submitted in person with the prescribed fee at the designated counter in the Embassy from 0900 to 1200 hrs on all working days. The visa is processed and the passport returned the next working day from 1300 hrs to 1400 hrs. The prescribed application form may be obtained from the Reception Counter or downloaded from the Embassy of India\'s website at the links provided below

Please ensure the following, while submitting your application:-

Passport should be valid for a minimum period of six months beyond the date of intended departure from India.

Paste one photo and staple the other one on the form at a specified place.

Applicants other than citizens residing in their own country should submit proof of permanent residence in the country. In its absence, a reference will be made to their country of residence at an additional fee with an additional processing time of 7 days.

The application forms should be filled in English only.

Each visa application is considered on its merits and the Embassy may ask for additional information at any stage during the processing of the application.

Visa is given for a period for which passport is valid. For example, if a passport is valid until April 30, 2005 and an applicant is applying for 5 years visa on December 31, 2002, the applicant will not be issued a 5 years visa as the passport expires before the 5 year visa.

Validity of all visas is counted from the date of their issue
If visa is for more than 180 days, registration with Foreigners Regional Registration Office in the nearest city is compulsory within 14 days of first arrival in India.

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