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Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya, Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre has started its 3rd centre at Kengeri, Opp VidhyaGanapathy temple, old outer ring road, kengeri Satellite town. For Appointments @ our kengeri centre please call on 28487484, 28488484, 9148316772.. For Appointments @ RRnagar Pls call 28603343,28601143,28607713,9379512374, 9108539710.. For Appointments @ Ramanagara Pls Call 27274773, 27274776, 7019412265, 6361231756. Due To COVID-19, (1)  Appointment Scheduling over Phone  is a must, (2) Please follow the One Patient One Attender Policy strictly to avoid overcrowding  (3) Please Scrub with Alcohol based Sanitizer prior to entry  (4) There will be no entry without face masks for both attender and patient  (5) Please bear with us for enhanced waiting times between 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs before you can see the doctor (6) Please maintain social distancing of about 6ft at all times (7)  Please use digital modes of payment as much as possible and avoid cash transactions  (8) If you have fever, cough, breathing difficulty, or if you have a history of recent travel to another district or if you have been in contact with a COVID positive case, please do not visit the eye hospital at this time as you will be denied entry to the hospital, you have to visit the fever clinic in a covid first responder hospital and certified by them on your corona status before we are allowed to see you. (9) Avoid spitting in public places and avoid visiting overcrowded places for your own safety. Kindly cooperate



                     FAQs on Tele Consultation MAOOC

               (Multimedia Assisted Online Ophthalmic Consultation)  at SVN:


Due to repeated lockdowns & Containment Zone seal downs with Covid-19, many patients are finding it difficult to

approach hospitals and doctors for their routine care. Due to this, the Govt of India has accepted Telemedicine as a

acceptable modality of executing medical consultations by doctors and hospitals. We have the following two modalities of


1. Patient accessing Teleconsultation from Home

2. Patient accessing Teleconsultation from our Hospital.

               Patient accessing Teleconsultation from Home.

This is for patients who would like to avoid coming  to the Hospital  for a regular physical consultation and would like to see a doctor first on Telecon...

to ascertain if their ailment can be taken care of with a regular Teleconsultation. This is mainly for patients with minor ailments or those patients who have been under our care for prolonged period and have to now seek our care and attention for further course.

A.  If you are a new patient, please call up any of our hospitals nearest to you at the given numbers. The receptionist will receive the call and guide you further.

SVN 1: @ RR nagar - Ph no 28603343, 28601143, 28607713, 9379512374, 9108539710. (Hospital Only)

( We are currently not offering Home Teleconsultation services in our RRnagar Centre. Any Inconvenience is deeply regretted. If you are a new patient to our practice & not yet registered, Please contact our Kengeri Branch for this service if you reside in RR nagar and desire Home Teleconsultation service. Only Hospital Teleconsultation service is available at RRnagar Centre.)

SVN 2: @ Ramanagara - Ph no 27274773, 27274776, 6361231756 , 7019412265 (Home / Hospital)

SVN 3: @ Kengeri - Ph no 28488484, 28487484, 9148316772 ( Home / Hospital )

 If you are an already registered patient of ours, please call up the hospital where you were registered and doctor had already seen you with the MRD no available on the Patient ID card. If the MRD no is not available with you, please give the receptionist at the reception desk your registered mobile number or landline number given at the time of previous registration.

B. The receptionist will then create a Hospital File for you and register your details like Name, Age, Sex, Address, Telephone no, Occupation, email  etc and ask you to make a payment of Rs 500/- towards Teleconsultation Registration Charges. She will give you our UPI ID, Bank Acct no, IFSC Code or Phone number and you can make the payment through  GPay, PhonePe, Direct Bank Transfer etc.

C. Once you have made the payment you can share the screen shot of the payment done by Whatsapp to a number shared with you for this purpose by the receptionist.

D. Within the next 15 minutes, our staff will send a Zoom Multimedia Assisted Consultation Link, with Meeting ID and Password  to you by whatsapp. You can click on the link, or open the downloaded zoom app,  enter the Meeting ID and password and our staff will admit you into the Virtual Meeting. You should have a decent internet broadband 4G connection or Wifi with speed >12 MBPS for this streaming service. You should also unmute the mic and test the speaker and activate the camera on the mobile so that seamless exchange of audio, video and reports can take  place. Once you login, if you have any issues you can call the receptionist who will guide you through the rest of the process.

E. Our Staff will do the preliminary evaluation with a detailed history taking, any relevant  Past History, Medication/Allergy History and after the relevant work up is completed. they will end the meeting. You are expected to wait for aroung 30-45 minutes after which our staff will arrange the next meeting on Zoom  with the Consultant    ( specialist doctor ) and share the Meeting ID and Password with you.

F. The next meeting will be between the patient, Hospital Staff who attended to you, and the doctor. If the ailment is minor and the initial treatment can be started right away, your doctor will let you know the next course of action and give you the medicines and see you if necessary after 3-4 days through a physical consultation to document the findings like Vision, Fundus Examination, etc.

G. If the ailment is of such a nature that it cannot be handled by Teleconsultation alone and requires further tests / investigations, it will be conveyed to you and our hospital staff who is also in the meeting  will help you complete the formalities, additional charges, etc. Once all the formalities are completed, the appointments for the tests / investigations will be confirmed & you will have to visit the hospital to complete the tests / investigations and once the reports are available, a physical consultation will be arranged with the doctor by our staff which will be conveyed to you over telephone. The charges for physical consultation is as per regular basis and Teleconsultation charges do not include Physical Consultation charges.

H. If the ailment is serious enough and requires a immediate physical consultation, the next earliest available appointment slot will be given to you to enable you to meet the doctor immediately.


Some patients visiting our hospital directly may also be seen by us immediately through Teleconsultation after the patient has been registered and the initial work up is completed by our Staff. This usually happens if we are not physically available to see the patient at the concerned location and the patient agrees for the teleconsulation to reduce additional visits to the minimum required number.

Please deposit the Consultation fees only after the MRD no is generated. Please ask for the Receipts to be whatsapped to you.

If any other charges are applicable, it will be conveyed to you for which you are expected to cooperate by paying and sending the screenshot confirmation by whatsapp to us at the given number. Please ask for the receipts to be whatsapped / emailed to you so that you can show the same to the local authorities if you are stopped and questioned. These receipts are usually accepted as proof of requirement to  travel & access medical care along with the appointment slip from the hospital mentioning the same.

The medico legal validity of telemedicine is not the same as a physical consultation. Please read about the details here. If you want a Medical Certificate, Leave Certificate, Fitness Certificate etc you have to undergo a complete physical evaluation and consultation. Online Consultations cannot be used to obtain legal opinions as the scope for a complete evaluation is limited.

Legal Disclaimer:

The opinions expressed in Online Consultations is based on symptoms expressed by the patient which cannot be verified independently by the physician unlike a physical consultation. Hence, opinions expressed also cannot be held legally valid similar to physical consultations and challenged in a court of law. Minor ailments, reviews, etc which can be usually but not always be treated without major complications are handled in teleophthalmology. Patient discretion and diligence is advised to decide if Teleophthalmology is suitable for them or not.



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