Services Available at our Kengeri, RRnagar & Ramanagara Centres include: Painless, Stichless Cataract Surgery by phacoemulsification, Multifocal IOL implantation, Retinal Imaging, Anterior Segment Imaging, Speciality Consultations, Lasik Laser Treatment for Spectacle Free Vision, Short Sight Correction, Astigmatism Correction,Squint correction, Glaucoma Imaging, Headache Clinic, Green Laser for Diabetes, YAG laser for AfterCataract, Fundus Fluoroscien Angiography, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), Non Contact Tonometry (NCT), Transcanalicular Laser Dacryocystorhinostomy.

                        "--Life has come to a full circle for us--"

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After many years of Practice of Advanced eye care and after perfecting the skills of Cataract eye surgery, Lasik treatments, Refractive Vision Corrections & Vitreoretinal Procedures, two Highly Qualified, renowned Eye Specialist Doctors namely - Dr Saravana kodandapani, MD (AIIMS) and Dr Sukanya.S MBBS, DO, FIMSA, MBA(Healthcare services)  started Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre in Rajarajeshwarinagar, off Mysore Road- an advanced centre for exclusive treatment of eye diseases  in the year 2004 in Bengaluru,  or globally known as  Bangalore, Karnataka , India. Our Eye Hospital is unique and one of a kind in Bengaluru, India. Our Specialist Eye Doctors are highly trained in the treatment of various eye diseases and have over 20 years of experience in the management of eye related ailments.

        With the sole aim and purpose of serving the very people who were responsible for blessing us into dedicated Eye Specialists, we the doctors and associated staff of the hospital pledge to fullfill the promise of providing world class eye care facilities to all categories of patients at affordable cost. This website has been entirely designed, scripted, hosted, and maintained by Dr Saravana as the webmaster. Hence, It is likely to be very different from the routine professionally managed Websites with plenty of SEO plugins used to achieve higher web traffic and search rankings. This website will reflect our past, present and future. In short our work, dreams, thoughts, ideas, wishes, and our committment to our patients. Please do not expect anything else.

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Vision and Philosophy

 Our philosophy is very simple,  we believe that whatever we are is because of the patients who have invested their faith and trust in us -  and what  comes from the people must ultimately go to the people many times over completing the full circle and fulfilling the purpose of our Existence. Our involvement in this process ensures that patients are not viewed as just consumers, or stakeholders or even potential investors, but the very reason for our existence.

    A philosophy practiced by our mentor & guide, the famous pediatrician  
Late Dr S Kodandapani, in whose memory we dedicate this world class facility.


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"Small is Beautiful" - Closing the Gap between Dreams & Reality

        Sri Venkateswara Nethralaya(SVN)R is now  entering its  16th year and has applied itself towards every aspect of Superspeciality eye care. Worldover, major eye centres are undergoing a transformation where patients are now no longer admitted for overnight stay in the hospital. Large Eye centres requiring Large buildings are now a thing of the past. Internationally, most  eye care centres have adopted latest technology & are now getting transformed into small and compact day care centres as advancements in surgical technology enable patients to be discharged for home care 10-15 minutes after surgery after a short admission. Our Hospital takes the concept of "small is beautiful" many steps further and our hospital is not only smaller, but safer, compact, convenient and effective.

                            WIth the introduction of the in-house surgical facility from  jan 2005, induction of Diabetic green laser treatment from May 2005,YAG Laser Treatment for "after cataract" following cataract surgery in 2006,  Ophthalmic Ultrasound Facility , Imaging Slit lamp Facility since 2006, Transcanalicular Laser Dacryocystorhinostomy(Laser DCR) in 2007, Nidek Lasik Laser for treatment of short sight, long sight, and Astigmatism in 2009, Optopol Blue on Yellow Colour Short wave automated Perimetry for early diagnosis of Glaucoma, Legacy motorized Zoom Operating microscope with Video recording facility & Assistant Viewing facility for teaching and demonstration purposes to IOL and phaco trainees, Turbo-Vit Combined phacoemulsifier with Posterior Segment Vitrectomy upto 5000 cuts with twin endoilluminator and Diathermy and VFI/FGX capabilities, Reinverter & 23G instrumentation for sutureless Retinal Surgeries all in 2010, TopCon Fundus Imaging and Fluoroscien Angiography System in 2013 for advanced diagnosis of Retinal Diseases, SVN has endeavoured year after year to bring about the latest and the most sophisticated facility from the world over in order to serve its patients in this part of Bangalore. In 2014, we have renovated our entire hospital adding up another floor with additional facilities like conference room, Laser Surgical Suite, Deluxe airconditioned suite (WiFi enabled) and a host of value added services which complements our philosophy of "Small is Beautiful". In 2019, We have introduced yet another diagnostic imaging modality - Optical Coherence Tomography at a cost of over 25000 USD which is useful for imaging a wide range of diseases both in the Anterior Segment (Front Portion of the Eye) as well as the Posterior Segment (Back Portion of the Eye). We have also introduced a Non Contact Tonometer (Reichert Technologies, USA)  which is capable of measuring the pressure inside the eye without touching the eyeball. This is extremely useful to measure the Intraocular pressure in patients who may have to undergo repeated measurements at different times of the day to assess diurnal variations.

 Indeed, For Patients in South West Bangalore and RajaRajeshwarinagar, the name SVN is quite synonymous with quality and excellence in eye care- a trait which we have nourished and preserved with utmost care. In fact, it is this pursuit of excellence that sets us apart from other competing eye hospitals who also recognize our varied surgical expertise  to refer their unexpected surgical complications such as dropped nucleus following cataract surgery, retinal surgeries, Lasik Enhancements  etc. As much as our patients are proud of our achievements, we are grateful to all our patients and referring doctors, optometrists, Pharmacies, Laboratories, Opticians as well as various other hospitals for their recognition ,support and partnering  us in our pursuit of widening the reach of ophthalmology in this region. We are also empanelled with various insurance companies including GIPSA and offer Cashless services to all Health Insurance Card holders.

       In 2015 January 26th, We have also inaugurated our SECOND centre at Ramanagaram on the Bangalore Mysore Highway and we are pleased to announce that this facility too is a stand alone centre fully equipped with a Surgical OT with Operating Microscope, Alcon Laureate Global Phaco System for effortless cataract surgery, Consultation rooms, High End Equipments, Fundus Imaging system for diagnosis of Retinal diseases, Opticals, Pharmacy etc. This centre serves the people of Ramanagara, Magadi, Chennapatna, Kanakapura along with nearby townships at Bidadi and Kumblagodu as well as over 150 surrounding villages.


       In the year 2019, June 15th, We have inaugurated our THIRD unit at Kengeri Satellite Town, Opposite Vidhya Ganapathi temple and we are looking forward to cater to the population residing at kengeri, kumblagodu, Malathahalli, Uttarahalli, Bangalore University and nearby residential areas.This centre too is fully equipped to treat patients for eye related ailments along with performing Eye Surgeries. The centre has 3 Consultation chambers, Opticals, Pharmacy, Operation Theatre, Imaging System, Computerized Vision Testing, Cataract Surgical Suite for Stichless, painless cataract surgery by phacoemulsification.

                    We are also proud that many associated superspeciality services such as Vitreoretinal surgery, Laser vision correction, Glaucoma, etc apart from advanced cataract surgery are also provided under a single roof at our centre. No other centre in South West Bangalore provides in house Lasik Laser treatment or VitreoRetinal Surgery or Advanced Cataract surgery by advanced phaco techniques. All other centres provide Basic Cataract surgery only, while referring difficult / demanding cataract patients who demand good near normal post operative results  to Advanced & dedicated Ophthalmic surgical centres . In this region, SVN (Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya) is the one & only dedicated surgical eye centre  to provide total eye care solutions under one roof starting from Lasik to Advanced Vitreoretinal surgery to Cataract Surgery by Advanced Phacoemulsification. In fact, in this region we are the only centre to provide Multifocal IOL implantation to our elderly patients to achieve spectacle free eyesight. In fact we are the first centre to implant Carl Zeiss MF4 Multifocal IOL in Karnataka as well as the first centre to install NIDEK Excimer laser for Lasik Laser treatments imported from Japan.

    Our Inhouse Optical facility, Contact Lens trial facility (Soft, Semisoft, RGP, SemiScleral, Mini Scleral and Full Scleral Lenses), Day care surgical facility, Lasik treatment suite, Vitreoretinal surgical facility, along with various advanced diagnostic equipments for detection and treatment of Glaucoma and other sight threatening disorders  can be compared with the most advanced tertiary care centres anywhere in the world.

                It is also a matter of enormous pride that we have been consistently providing these facilities at a reasonable cost that is almost 35-60% economical when compared to similar centres not only in Bangalore, but also in other metros like Mumbai, Hyderabad, New Delhi etc. In fact when compared, many charitable eye hospitals charge much higher rates for paying patients depending on their paying capacity as they tend to cross subsidize their free surgeries for camp patients through the targeted excess revenue generated from paying patients. This leads to artificially high/inflated prices to patients who pay on their own with their own resources. In India, more than 75% of patients pay from their own pockets and this artificially inflated prices leads to financial misfortunes for many families. So, We do not perform free surgeries by charging more from paying patients as we feel it is not a good practice in the long run exploiting cash paying patients without their consent. For Poor patients, we do have a list of voluntary patients  who have expressed their wish to sponsor a surgery to provide vision  for  poor  blind patients as a good will measure for having recovered well in our hands. Sometimes many patients / good samaritans also request us to identify deserving candidates to be operated upon in the memory of their departed family members. We allow the patient to contact these "angel sponsors" who then decide if they will fund the cost of the surgery on a case to case basis after verifying the credentials. The surgeries are also scheduled on the death anniversary of the departed family member if such a wish is expressed. After the procedure utilising the same infrastructure and skills given to paying patients, Pre Operative Photographs, Surgical Video as well as post operative Photographs with patient testimonials expressing gratitude to the concerned angel sponsor given to the sponsoring family. This helps in creating a "Bond" between the hospital, poor patient as well as the angel sponsor which lasts for an entire lifetime and provides immense satisfaction to all the stake holders as the quality of surgery &/ results is never compromised in the name of "Free Eye Surgery / Mass Camp Surgery".

    Our Charitable programmes Nethrodhayam, Sudarshanam,and Pavithrajyothi ensure that the less privileged sections of the society are not left behind in this rapidly advancing field of medicine and our approach is thereby ensured to be all encompassing and wholesome.  

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Contact Information/ How to reach us (Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya) SVN   

                   SVN -1 @ Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore

                Land Mark:-

                      Opposite Nimishamba   temple                                 

                          Raja Rajeshwari    Nagar

  Nearest Bus Stop: Ideal Homes Circle / Nimishamba Temple  

From Majestic Bus Stand:-225,225c,225j,225h

From City Market;- 225c,

From Shivajinagar- 239

From Vijayanagar- 401R,


                                 SVN-2 @ Ramanagara

  Land Mark : Opposite KSRTC BusStand, Bangalore Mysore Highway

  Address: 1375, Ijoor, Ward no 28, Bangalore Mysore Highway, Opposite KSRTC BusStand, Ramanagara

  Phones: 080-27274773, 27274776

       SVN-3    @ Kengeri Satellite Town, Opposite Vidhyaganapathi Temple,Old Ring Road Kengeri, Mysore Rd

  LandMark: Opposite VidhyaGanapathi temple,  No 558,  First Floor, Old Ring Road, Kengeri Satellite Town,   Bengaluru-560060

Nearest Bus Stop: BSNL office after Surana College

  Phone: 080-28487484

 Telephone SVN-1 @ Rajarajeshwarinagar
91-80-28601143, 28603343, 9379512374
 Postal address for SVN-1
120, 9th main road, Ideal Homes Circle,
          Opposite Nimishamba Temple,
Raja Rajeshwarinagar, Bangalore-98
Driving Instructions:-
--Reach Rajarajeshwarinagar Arch (Next to Gopalan Arch Mall ) on Mysore Road,
--Then take a Left turn and drive 1.5km  inside the Arch on the Double Road till Jayanna Circle,
--Then take a Left turn and drive 0.5 km till Nimishamba Temple located at Ideal Homes circle. -----Our Hospital is located diagonally opposite to Nimishamba temple at Ideal homes circle.
 E- Mail:

          Phaco Training Courses:





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              SRIVENKATESWARA NETHRALAYA           
                                     *** Advanced Eye care Hospital***

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