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Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya, Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre has started its 3rd centre at Kengeri, Opp VidhyaGanapathy temple, old outer ring road, kengeri Satellite town. For Appointments @ our kengeri centre please call on 28487484, 28488484, 9148316772.. For Appointments @ RRnagar Pls call 28603343,28601143,28607713,9379512374, 9108539710.. For Appointments @ Ramanagara Pls Call 27274773, 27274776, 7019412265, 6361231756. Due To COVID-19, (1)  Appointment Scheduling over Phone  is a must, (2) Please follow the One Patient One Attender Policy strictly to avoid overcrowding  (3) Please Scrub with Alcohol based Sanitizer prior to entry  (4) There will be no entry without face masks for both attender and patient  (5) Please bear with us for enhanced waiting times between 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs before you can see the doctor (6) Please maintain social distancing of about 6ft at all times (7)  Please use digital modes of payment as much as possible and avoid cash transactions  (8) If you have fever, cough, breathing difficulty, or if you have a history of recent travel to another district or if you have been in contact with a COVID positive case, please do not visit the eye hospital at this time as you will be denied entry to the hospital, you have to visit the fever clinic in a covid first responder hospital and certified by them on your corona status before we are allowed to see you. (9) Avoid spitting in public places and avoid visiting overcrowded places for your own safety. Kindly cooperate




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When Will I ever see sharp and clear without Glasses ??

     Can I ever get rid of these thick and heavy Spectacles by choice and discover natural eyesight?? 


  Have times not changed- why do i still need Glasses to see          clearly??

            Can i walk in with my old glasses and walk out with sharp and clear vision ??

                  Will finally people start to listen to what i have to say rather than always focus on the thick glasses which i am forced to wear??

                        ►Can i make the rest of my life - the best of my life ... and achieve spectacle free natural complete eyesight in a totally painless and safe manner using advanced technology within a matter of minutes??

Answer:   YES, Your Prayers could be answered instantly. Besides helping you  discover beautiful , Natural Eyesight & joining 25 million happy Lasik patients worldwide.. We will also help you donate your Glasses to the Poor.

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 91-28607713, 919379512374 or mail us at



FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) on Lasik Laser Treatment ..

1.Your practice/hospital is very far away in RR nagar, Bangalore, INDIA. Can you suggest to me anything near.

For most people, Painless, permanent Vision Correction by Lasik is a once in a lifetime procedure and so want to make the best choice for their eyes with zero compromises. So, If  you are seriously thinking of getting it done, distance should not matter and should be the last on your list of worries...However what does matter is the degree of care, and level of expertise that you seek. Most people desire the best for themselves and so catching that flight and travelling to Bangalore in a few hours or any other place for a once in a lifetime experience should not matter...Most of us love doing such things all the time and  If you love your eyes and your eyesight as much as we love restoring your eyesight to its normal state & seeing our trusting patients smile happily after each and every succesful Lasik, then you should meet us, we will guide you like none other in your every step towards achieving your goal.

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374 or mail us at

2.From how long are you doing Lasik & other refractive surgeries in your centre

We are in practice at Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya, Raja Rajeshwarinagar, Bangalore from 2004 and We are the only centre in South West Bangalore to operate with a fully owned Lasik Laser Machine at a cost of 500,000 USD We are also the only centre to offer all forms of Vision correction starting from in house Lasik laser, Refractive IOL implantation , ICL,etc to our patients.

3. I know that most centres have more than 95% successful Lasik patients, but does your centre have unsuccesful patients who have gone to the courts to claim compensation for a bad result or in other words, do you have any pending cases or cases where you have paid compensation for a unhappy Lasik Patient

Fortunately in our practice since we perform the entire array of refractive correction procedures starting from Lasik to ICL to Refractive Lens Exchange, we are able to preoperatively determine the small group of people who are not likely to benefit from Lasik and offer them other procedures where a better result is expected. Cases where the mesopic pupils are large, Corneal thickness is low, Astigmatism is more than 4 D, Spherical power is more than -10 to -12D, Inferior steepening on topography, etc are the cases where case specific alternatives are suggested which have yielded good results in our practice.             

    And, No.. We have not had even a single case/complaint registered against our services whether it is lasik, or any other ophthalmic surgery till date. The main reason for our success is that we value the trust that our patients put in us  preoperatively and so, aim to overdeliver on the postoperative result to the best that technology permits in any given patient .

    Most Centres analyse data related to the spectacle power and the corneal thickness only, while advanced data related to higher order abberations is usually not acquired or discussed with the patient even if acquired, as it involves a deeper understanding of the subject.  At our centre, we not only perform an accurate refraction to determine you spectacle power, a detailed analysis of each patient's Higher order abberations is made with reference to their

Q values (peripheral corneal contour or shape) Normal cornea is prolate, Post myopic LVC it becomes spherical (for small corrections) & oblate for larger myopic corrections. But in Hyperopia it becomes Hyperprolate

Zernicke Polynomials (mathematical expression of the different components of corneal abberations),

RMS values (RMS is the square root of the average squared difference between the observed corneal tangential curve measurements at various points and their expected values, as estimated from the curve that best fits the actual corneal data),

Angular Frequency (No of times the error is repeated at the pupillary plane),

Directional Magnitude ( Towards the retina is + and away from the retina is - ),

Radial Order ( Method of classification in which any  corneal abberation above the 3rd order has complex coefficients that cannot be corrected by glasses or contact lenses)

Topographic patterns (based on the change in curvature pattern across the cornea to detect irregular astigmatism, and other progressive eye conditions like Keratoconus and PMD),

Corneal Thickness ( to diagnose keratoconus as well as calculate treatment depth),

Ablation profiles (Prolate vs non prolate ablation with Aspheric Transition zones) etc.

     Any abnormality in any of the parameters requires corresponding adjustments in the treatment profiles to ensure predictable and reproducible results. For Ex- Some patients may have abnormal Q values (Corneal contours) but low wavefront errors, In these cases we identify the wavefront errors using Zernicke polynomials to see if the absolute RMS values cancel out each other, then in these cases we advise  Optimised lasik or OATz which maintains the Pre op Q values and yields superior results by generating more laser pulses to the periphery leading to a larger Optic Zone. If Q values are exceedingly high with pre op Quality of Vision issues and subnormal vision, we advise Topo Lasik or CATz that generates a BFS for the abnormal corneal topography and the deviation from this BFS is analysed to create a unique treatment profile which also compensates for induced HOA as well as final refracion and if WF errors are exceedingly high >0.3micron RMS value at the 6mm zone with quality of vision issues, we advise a Full Wavefront Customised Lasik or  OPD-CATz. Some patients will require a combination of procedures  executed skillfully such as Intrastromal Keratotomy, Retinal Green Laser etc to ensure optimal results.  We constantly endeavour to acheive our targetted results as per the international peer reviewed studies and deliver accurate information to our patients. The background theoretical knowledge of the treating surgeon is vital to understanding every individual patients unique problems and providing acceptable, predictable & customized results in each and every case...

    These are the main reasons for our success rates (> 95%) at providing a painless, predictable and near permanent correction of refractive errors without risking suboptimal outcomes in any of our patients. Even in the remaining 4-5% of patients who have undercorrection, overcorrection or regression, future lasik enhancements may be considered to derive an acceptable result as the safety margin is higher on the highly efficient NIDEK platform as compared to other platforms as the Final Fit algorithm utilizes only 12microns per diopter of correction as compared to other platforms which utilize 20 microns per diopter of correction.

1D of correction with 5 mm optic zone, the depth is 8.33microns, for 6 mm OZ the depth is 12microns and for 7mm OZ it is 16.33 microns and for 8 mm OZ it is 21.33 microns

Even in the very rare case where a small  amount of spectacle power remains even after full permitted correction, the dependence on spectacles is vastly reduced and spectacle usage may be limited to only fine work. NIDEK is the only company to have received US FDA approval for its Excimer laser for OATz, CATz & OPD CATz Wavefront Lasik treatment (Final Fit TM Software).


Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374 or mail us at

4. Where did the treating doctor get trained from?

Our doctors are qualified from apex institutes such as All india Institute of Medical Sciences, AIIMS in New Delhi, India. AIIMS is the apex national institute for training postgraduates in all medical and surgical specialities.

In fact  Dr Saravana Kodandapani, MD was a teaching registrar at AIIMS.. training other doctors in subspeciality practice for advanced ophthalmic procedures for more than 5 years. He has over 16 years of experience in surgical and medical ophthalmology and has published papers in various international journals. To know more about Dr Saravana, Please click here. He has more than 2 decades of experience in Ophthalmology.

Dr Sukanya is qualified from Rajaji Post Graduate Centre for Ophthalmology in Madurai, TN, India. Besides Cataract and Glaucoma, She has interests in Refractive Surgery, Contact Lenses and Lasers.  To know more about Dr Sukanya, Please click here.

5. What is the actual or real cost of Lasik Laser treatment ? Why is the Lasik Laser treatment so expensive ?

Well, To answer your question the Premix gas argon Fluoride costs around 40,000 rupees (600 USD approx) per fill and the consumables cost around 6000 rupees (110 USD approx). The overheads costs are approximately Rupees 1500 per patient (20 USD approx). Add to that Hospital Charges, Surgeon fees etc.Then there is the Equipment Cost- The Equipment costs around Rupees 2.75Crores (5,00,000 USD) and the AMC for the machine itself costs aroundRupees12 Lakhs per annum (24000 USD approx).. That is why in most of the developed world such as US,Japan and Europe, they charge around $1000 - $1500 for Each Eye especially for the Advanced state of the Art Wavefront Customised Lasik. You can read about it here. The above calculations are made at the rate of 1 USD= Rs 70.  Recently, with the war in Ukraine choking the supply lines for neon, helium and Argon Fluoride gas to the rest of the world, the cost of these noble gases used in all the excimer lasers has risen exponentially to almost 10 times. You can read more about it here. However as we have a long term agreement with our global suppliers, we are still able to maintain a reasonable cost structure to our patients who stand to benefit even from our low prices even when other service providers all over the world have to raise their prices.

Another factor to consider is that as technology under patent evolves to improve safety features, Cost increases proportionally. Old technology Lasik is still available at 35-40K per person, but after a few years, many return with issues such as ectasia, dry eye, irregular astigmatism and corneal scarring. Current technology is safe for more than 99.99% of patients.

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374 or mail us at

 6. OK, I have spectacle power(Short Sight, Long Sight, Astigmatism), What are my Laser Vision Correction (LVC) options?

We offer Laser Vision correction services in a price band of Rupees 35,000-1,50,000. This includes correction of Spherical and cylindrical power in the Basic Packages and correction of Higher order Abberations in the Advanced Packages.


      Normal PRK-Rs 35,000/-

      Regular Lasik- Rs 35,000/-

These packages were popular among patients around 25-30 years back as they were economical as well as effective in immmediate correction. However long term studies have shown that these algorithms consumed more tissue per dioptre of correction and many patients used to return with complications such as ectasia, irregular astigmatism and corneal scarring. These treatments are still available at some centres. In our centre, we reserve them for patients who have thick corneas, stable refraction, normal to small mesopic pupils. If any of these parameters are not there, we do not recommend treatment with these algorithms.


       OATz Wavefront Optimised Lasik / TransPRK - Rs 70,000/-

       CATz Wavefront Customised Lasik / TransPRK- Rs 1,10,000/-

       OPD-CATz Wavefront High Definition Lasik / TransPRK- Rs 1,50,000/-

These advanced packages are designed with advanced algorithms that consume less amount of tissue per dioptre of correction. They are safe in almost 99.99% of patients and long term results are also good in terms of vision restoration.

Further reduction in the Basic Package is possible if your power is predominantly spherical with negligible cylindrical component. To know more click here)

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374 or mail us at

PRK Educational Video                                                            


 Lasik Educational Video


 7. What is the difference?

Lasik is the latest technology and is totally painless as it corrects from inside out and that the patient is almost normal after a few minutes to the point of going home and can resume normal work the next day only, while TransPRK (Trans epithelial Bladeless, Flapless, PhotoRefractive Keratectomy) may cause a little discomfort for a few days as it treats from outside in, and may take a longer period for the vision to recover fully. However, by the end of one week, there is no difference between PRK and lasik. TransPRK is considered to be safest as compared to LASIK in terms of ectasia and absence of flap related issues as it is bladeless.

    Also, the difference between Wavefront Optimised (OATz) & Customized Treatments (CATz) translates into differences in Night Vision--Glare, Haloes & Ghost images.  Optimised LVC provides the same quality of night vision as natural eyesight retaining a few imperfections of the cornea in a normal human optical system,, while Customised LVC aims to compensate for topographical abnormalities in the cornea and acheive a Superior Optical system which translates into a much superior  overall quality of daytime / night vision. Regular Lasik/PRK provides the same quality of Vision as seen with Glasses.

In Wavefront HD lasik (OPD-CATz), Higher order abberations (upto 6th order) which were not measured till now like Coma, Spherical abberation, Trefoil, Pentafoil etc are measured accurately and corresponding Wavefront phasic ajustments are made to the treatment profile so that pre op healthy Q values (Corneal Shape)  are maintained and Overall Wavefront errors are minimised. This aims to create a ideal optical system in the human eye similar to advanced adaptive optics employed in sophisticated cameras and telescopes used in Astronomy. The target Strehl ratio employed in this OPD-CATz is same as in Astronomy.

Wavefront Optimised Lasik-                                                             


 Wavefront Custom Lasik



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          8. Can I wear glasses for the time being or may be even permanently as LVC does not sound financially viable to me?

Yes, You can continue to wear glasses for the rest of your life although the quality of vision would be nowhere as near as a well done Laser Vision correction procedure. Again remember that Spectacles have limitations that include but are not limited to the following

1.    it does not cure myopic disease process and

2.    Reduces the eye strain by only around 70-80%

3.    Requires the wearer to suffer compulsory lifelong handicap that may include legal blindness when spectacles are not worn even temporarily.

4.    Every Year as the Weakness Progresses, One has to change the Spectacles for a higher power.

 Laser correction will provide a possible permanent correction in a safe and effective manner along with superior night vision in a totally painless setting for a overwhelming majority of patients. Even in the small minority of patients who have undercorrection, overcorrection or regression etc, Additional Enhancements may be done to finetune the end result so that the maximum possible vision is achieved and is better than the original vision prior to lasik.

Having Natural Eyesight is different from artificially enhancing your vision with glasses. Normal Natural EyeSight helps you to be spontaneous in all your acitivities and you are always ready. Glasses retard that spontaineity in every action of yours and you tend to lag behind in your response time in comparison to normal people.

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374 or mail us at


          9. My comment is that it is still way too expensive for people like me although I might be able to afford it in the future.

    Think about this: You never have to worry about your eyesight again for the rest of your life. This is a prime motivator for a lot of people. What is  God Given normal vision for others... With LASIK eye treatment, you can enhance your  own vision to even better than those normal people out there and  enjoy the world in true, bright and beautiful clarity—for your whole life—without slipping on specs or popping in contacts. If that is not a blessing, ask yourself  what else is ….? Lasik is amazing - to wake up and see the clock clear and sharp - can't beat it. Financial constraints are only relative and never ending... If you are serious about correcting your visual disability, Start Planning for your treatment right away. The material choices we make in life whether buying a mobile phone, or a vehicle or a laptop etc are based on our priorities. As Physicians, Our Job in motivating you is complete if you are able to prioritize correction of your visual disability or handicap first on your list of things to do  for yourself instead of splurging on expensive phones, jewellery, laptops or vehicles.

From Time immemorial , Sharp Vision was considered as  the most precious asset one can ever possess. More than 70% of the sensory input to the brain about the surroundings comes through our eyes and our day to day performance in everything we do depends heavily on Good, Natural & Sharp Eyesight.  There is an age old sanskrit saying "Sarvendriyanam nayanam pradhanam" ( OF ALL THE SENSES, EYES ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT ) As we prepare our patients further into the demanding technological requirements of the 21st century, acheiving sharp eyesight for our patients without any aids remains the foremost focus in terms of technology, expertise, Skill sets as well as financial viability.

    We do have tailor made financial solutions and Monthly Lasik Investment Programmes which are helpful for a lot of patients and enable them to undergo their treatments in just under a Year. If you have made up your mind to acheive natural eyesight, but have financial / logistic constraints...Come and talk to us, we will deliver the best possible result in your case in the best possible time.

If you have predominantly spherical error only and considering only the basic laser correction procedure, you may consider the following offer too which is economical for most patients and comes at a reasonable cost after concession / discount. We are able to give such honest pricing to our patients as we fully own our Laser Machine.

Others will never be able to match our pricing because most of the Lasik surgeons dont provide Laser vision correction in house, but usually have tie ups with company operated and owned centres where they themselves will have to pay a rental fee to the facility operator apart from a user fee to the leasing company that imports and leases the machine to the facility operator as well as royalty on a pay per usage basis to the original manufacturer of the machine for each eye. There is a mark up at every level and usually the mark ups are higher for patients who are referred by outside doctors / Lasik Surgeons as they then follow a model minimal investment and maximum returns approach with a linear risk spread for the high investment that this service requires . Ultimately the consumer or the patient is the person who has to bear the entire expenses  including the mark ups.

Again, If you have made up your mind to acheive natural eyesight, but have financial / logistic constraints...Come and talk to us, we will deliver the best possible result in your case in the best possible time at the best possible price.

This scheme was valid till June 30th, 2017. However, we have continued  this scheme even later as a large number of economically underpriviliged patients request us to do so. So, Be rest assured, you can now undergo your long awaited treatment at a cost which is most economical. To avail this offer, You can  call on the above numbers 91-80-28603343, 28601143, 9379512374,  and our receptionist will coordinate the appointment scheduling for you to undergo further investigations to determine your eligibility. Please do not engage the receptionist with your medical details &/or financial details. In case you wish to discuss your specific case in depth, you may mail us directly at with your name, age, sex, address, phone no, and a brief introduction to your case along with the relevant medical reports. We will then get back to you with our advice. 

While we will reduce our fees substantially in making this affordable to a large segment of our underprivileged patients, we do not compromise on the overall outcomes and successful results due to this. Most Patients are afraid of becoming the product themselves when they are unable to pay for the product i,e  Underprivileged patients who pay less than the regular fees are afraid that they will undergo the procedure in the hands of trainees who have paid huge sums to the Lasik Centre to undergo training. This may happen in BIG hospitals / Chains where they take trainees in paid training programs and use camp patients as fodder to feed them compromising the results. If you wish to know more about such practices and why they occur, you may read about them here.

However, at our centre all patients are operated by Dr Saravana who is our chief Lasik surgeon and are operated on the same machine irrespective of their package status. The best possible results that can be achieved in each case is carefully discussed preoperatively and patients are guided into the procedure only after they are clear about what they can expect in terms of visual outcomes after the procedure.

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374 or mail us at

        10. Can you tell me more about helping me with financial solutions / Laser Investment Programmes for undergoing Wavefront Optimised/Customised Laser vision correction which i understand is more expensive.

     Yes, If you are a Credit Card Holder (VISA/MasterCard), you can avail the complete treatment immediately (Easy EMI option) &  pay back in easy 3 / 6 Month EMI option without additional charges with a simple phone call to your credit card company.

    Also , In case you do not have access to credit card or bank credit or personal funds to finance the procedure right away, We do have the Following Monthly Investment programmes which will enable you to undergo the procedure within 6 - 12 months. In case you are unable to undergo the procedure for any reason, this offer comes with a Money Back Guarantee along with Interest if you wish to cancel your membership . There is however a cancellation fee and a minimum duration of payments to be eligible for refunds.  If you have financial constraints, the following tailor made plans enable  you as a patient to achieve financial viability for Laser Vision Correction with minimal risk on your investment

Joining Fees   NIL   NIL   NIL   NIL
Laser/Lasik Investment Plans(LIP)   Economy Plan   SuperSaver Plan   Freedom Plan   Premium Plan
-Total Duration   12months(1year)   6months   12months(1year)   6months
-Lasik Type   WF Optimised   WF Optimised   WF Customised   WF Customised
-DownPayment   NIL   Rs 20000/-only   NIL   Rs 25000/-only
-Monthly Payment   Rs 6000/-only   Rs 8000/-only   Rs 7000/-only   Rs 10000/-only
-Spectacle Frame + Optical Lens     (OR)  EW Contact Lens at the time of joining and payment of First Instalment    FREE    FREE    FREE    FREE
-Lasik  Pre Op Investigation Charges    FREE    FREE    FREE    FREE
-Lasik Treatment   After 1 year  After 6 months   After 1year  After 6 months
-Post Operative Medications    FREE     FREE    FREE    FREE
-Refund on Cancellation   Yes (After 6 months)   Yes (After 3 months)   Yes (After 6 months)   Yes (After 3 months)
-Simple Interest accrued on the Deposit   6% per annum   6% per annum   6% per annum   6% per annum
-Cancellation Charges   Rs 3000/- only   Rs 3000/- only   Rs 3000/- only   Rs 3000/- only

  Refund options are available to all  patients who pay their instalments regularly on time but cannot undergo the procedure for personal reasons. The request can be made within a maximum period of 3 months after the last instalment is paid. The entire deposited amount  will be refunded along with simple interest after deducting the cancellation charges. Cancellation charges as specified will be applicable to cover the costs of preoperative investigations to determine eligibility to undergo LVC. However you can retain the  contact lenses or spectacles. No Refunds (partial/complete) are applicable after the procedure is performed.

    If you have purchased Spectacles from our optical outlet in the last 30 days, you can join any scheme in this programme and we will adjust the full purchase value of your optical product against your instalments (50% towards the first instalment and 50% towards the final instalment)

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374 or mail us at

 11. I was previously told that I may  not be a suitable candidate for lasik due to thin cornea at other centres,-Is there any advancements in technology that will allow successful lasik for my eyes?

Majority of lasik centres in Bangalore use a variety of Excimer Laser platforms including  the  old Zyoptix platform from Bausch and lomb which uses around 20 microns of corneal thickness per diopter of correction. Others use SMILE platforms, Intra lase, Femto Laser platforms.We use the Latest Nidek platform called EC-5000 CX11 which uses around 12 microns of corneal thickness per Diopter of correction.

1D of correction with 5 mm optic zone, the depth is 8.33microns, for 6 mm OZ the depth is 12microns and for 7mm OZ it is 16.33 microns and for 8 mm OZ it is 21.33 microns


 So for a given amount of Spectacle power, our machine utilizes less amount of tissue than other machines and so is able to correct larger errors easily which is not possible with other machines. You can read about it here and here. We also use the Moria keratome which raises a flap of 90-100 microns thick which is much less as compared to the Hansatome used elsewhere where the flap size is around 160 microns. This is comparable to the flap size achieved with Femtosecond Lasers and provides us the optimal flap configurations achieved with FS laser. So some patients who may have been refused lasik elsewhere due to insufficient corneal thickness  may find that they become eligible for laser vision correction on the Nidek platform and so approach us for treatment. As technology evolves we may be able to perform LVC even for those patients whom we too currently refuse for treatments. Even for patients considering to undergo Lasik  elsewhere in Zyoptix  /Alcon Wavelight / Zeiss platforms , you must enquire if your safety margin in Nidek Platform is higher as this Platform preserves a larger amount of corneal tissue for any given power among all the various available platforms. To know more about NIDEK Excimer Laser EC 5000 CXII, click here

12. How is SMILE different from LASIK?

SMILE uses Photodisruption technology where the laser breaks the middle stromal layers of the cornea into a solid lenticule and this lenticule is extracted manually with a forceps. Complications may occur while manual extraction if the lenticule is not fully separated top to bottom. Also, cylindrical power corrections are not accurate with SMILE corrections.

In LASIK, photoablation technology is used to remove small portions of the cornea, manual interventions especially in Trans PRK and bladeless lasik are minimal and cylindrical power corrections upto 4D are accuarate in more than 95% cases.


13. How is Contura Vision different from LASIK?

Contura Vision is a form of Topo Guided Lasik where corneal imperfections are estimated and corrections are attempted to acheive a superior optical system. In the NIDEK platform, it is called CATz or Custom - Lasik.

However, in the NIDEK platform, the OPD -CATz software upgrade is even superior to Topo Lasik and those patients whose Wavefront errors are high can be treated on the NIDEK platform which aims to achieve a ideal optical system.

14.  How is Femto Lasik different from Conventional Lasik?

Femto Lasik or IntraLase uses a femto laser to create the flap while Conventional Lasik uses a microkeratome to create a flap. While creation of the flap is mandatorily done in both, the mode of creation is different. Since the flap is created in both technologies, flap related complications may occur in both although it is claimed that immediate flap related complications are lesser in femto laser created flaps. But long term flap related complications like Ectasia may still occur with both. Hence flapless, bladeless treatments like Trans PRK are the best  especiall when combined with advanced algorithms like OATz, CATz, & OPD-CATz profiles that seek to achieve a ideal wavefront and and ideal Optical system in the human eye.




If you are considering Laser Vision Correction and want to communicate with us, Don't just sit there, please send a mail to You could also become a member of a Patient Self Help Group that we have created on Facebook. This membership is free and contains access to our patients who have undergone Lasik and what they have to say about the procedure as well as our services. CliCK HERE for further details

Remember - Sharp and Natural spectacle free Eyesight is now

                          only a click away.

    ►Your Life changes the way you choose to change.

          The choice is completely yours unless you want to leave it to chance.

        ►You can recover Spectacle free eye sight within minutes and gift 

                yourself  freedom from glasses.

            ►Value your Eye....Trust your Doctor....Adapt to Technology....

                 Be Blessed with what you desire.

                ►Discover sharp eye sight in the blink of an eye.....


A phone call from your door to ours could make the rest of your life

                                             the best of your life.

Call Us on our Lasik Phone 91-80-28603343, 91-80-28601143, 919379512374

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