Phaco Training Courses offered at our Centre in Bangalore,  India are primarily designed for practicing Ophthalmologists in India and abroad. We offer Cataract Surgical Training courses in Phacoemulsification and Lasik Surgery for Refractive error correction. All the surgeries performed at the centre are video recorded and live guidance and assistance is provided. The cases are discussed again at the end with the candidate to provide the background knowledge of the dynamics of each and every step of the case. Hands on Training is also provided depending on the skill levels obtained by the trainees. This is one of the  best designed International Phaco training Programmes for Ophthalmologists from Europe,North America, Australia, Latin America, Africa and Middle East, Japan and Asia Pacific.

Practice Development Orientation  Programme:

1 Week Programme, 

For International Candidates Price Twin Sharing ,1500 USD, Single Room 1750 USD

For Indian Candidates, Price is Twin Sharing  INR 1,00,000, Single Room INR 1,25,000 

All incl cost Except Airfare & Visa charges

This program will also orient you to our set up / Infrastructure and if you are comfortable  with continuing your training with us and vice versa, you can enroll further for the actual phaco training programme which is conducted in 3 modules over a span of 4 months and is chargeable separately. To Know more Click Here

Phacoemulsification: Four levels  with three surgical modules of training are provided Phacosurgeon, Phacospecialist, & Phacomaster.

LEVEL 0 or Phacotrainee  = This is a full theoretical training level course where theoretical knowledge in  the steps of cataract surgery of both ECCE and Phacoemulsification are imparted. Special Emphasis is given to the instrumentation, Equipment type, Operating Microscope adjustments, Positioning, Local Anaesthesia Peribulbar Nerve Blocks, is given. The trainee acquires knowledge of Phacodynamics, fluidics, Peristaltic and venturi machine adjustments etc. This training is conducted in English and lasts for about 15 days. At the end of 15 days, an assessment is conducted to evaluate the candidates knowledge of the operating machinery and environment as well as his understanding of the different steps of cataract surgery and choice of IOLs. After successful completion of this course, the trainee is allowed to proceed with the hands on training of various initial steps or LEVEL A. This course is mandatory for all trainees irrespective of their background. If for some reason, the trainee fails to pass the assessment and proceed further, he/she may be asked to repeat the course upto a maximum of 2 attempts. However if the candidate fails to clear the assessment even after 2 attempts, further training will be discontinued and 75% of the course fee will be refunded after deducting the bank transaction charges. No further enquiries will be entertained in this regard. The decision of the program director will be final.

:Level A=Basic Course= Phacosurgeon- This course lasts for one month and the trainee acquires further theoretical knowledge of phacoemulsification, phaco dynamics and fluidics, Hand, eye and foot coordination, Microscope adjustments, Peristaltic and venturi machine dynamics etc in the first 10 days, In the next 10 days the trainee undergoes extensive training under the operating microscope. Once microscope training is completed, further training involves actual skill transfer of various steps in over 0- 5 cases between the trainer and the trainee. At the end of the course, it is ensured that most trainees are capable of  performing surgeries or most of the steps even if a higher number of cases are required. The actual number of cases performed by the candidate is variable and is decided on a case to case basis and may vary from 1- 5 depending on the skill levels of the individual candidate.


:Level B= Advanced Course= Phacospecialist- This course is usually recommended for surgeons who have completed level A or practicing phacosurgeons who would like to expand their phacoemulsification to difficult cases like small pupil, white cataracts, hard nucleus, torn rhexis, shallow AC, corneal opacity, etc. Again the course lasts for one month and the trainee acquires theoretical knowledge, and actual skill transfer over 0-5 cases depending on the skill levels of the individual candidate


:Level C=Tertiary Course= Phacomaster (PanOphthalmologist)- This course is usually recommended for specialist phacosurgeons who have completed level B who would like to further expand their techniques. Here a lot of emphasis is provided on combined surgeries like Astigmatism correction with Bioptix( Combined Lasik with phaco), LRI's with phaco, Conjunctival grafting with phaco, Trabeculectomy with phaco and Pars Plana Vitrectomy with phaco/ VR Surgery with phaco. Here Besides phacoemulsification, the trainee acquires in depth working knowledge and exposure/experience in other procedures like lasik, Trabeculectomy, Conjunctival Grafting, Vitrectomy and Vitreoretinal Surgery. We utilize our own NIDEK EC 5000 CX 11 Excimer Laser machine with Moria Keratome for providing training in Laser Vision Correction.This course too lasts for two months and the trainee acquires theoretical knowledge,  and actual skill transfer over 5-10 cases. In these cases, the trainee may actually get to perform phaco on his own, while the additional procedure like LVC may also be performed by the trainee after adequate exposure and skill transfer has been attained.

The above courses are conducted 3 times in a year and the sessions start in January, May & September every year. The training is executed in sequence from Level A to Level B to Level C. However Candidates have  to undergo training in a comprehensive manner over 4 -1/2months or individually from one  level to another with a gap of a maximum of 6 months in between any 2 levels. This is to facilitate some surgeons who find it difficult to absorb the skill transfer, to return back to their own countries and cement their skills by doing more cases in their actual practices  after every level so as to gain  additional surgical experience in their own set ups before returning to acquire additional skill transfers. Such candidates too have to pay for all the three modules upfront . The course fee is Rs 5L per module or USD 7000 per module. The total course fee for all the 3 levels / modules is INR 15L or USD 21000. Candidates do not have the option of choosing to undergo training for one module only. All three modules have to be compulsorily enrolled for by all candidates.

While the trainee has to arrange for the Visa, airfare and food expenses ( assistance will be provided), the centre will additionally arrange for the accomodation, & assist in MCI (Medical Council of India) Temporary registration along with other legal formalities after the necessary documentation is completed by the candidate. Accomodation is complimentary for international candidates  and consists of air conditioned single room / twin sharing if acceptable with attached bathroom  very close to the centre. This is to facilitate easy mobility and transfer to the theory classes which are usually conducted for international trainees at the conference hall of Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya. Breakfast is complimentary while lunch and dinner have to be paid for by the candidate.

No of Candidates: The minimum / maximum intake is around 1-10 trainees / batch in every level per module and of these 10 seats, 2 seats are allotted to trainees from India who belong to  economically weaker sections completely free of charge( Subsidized Food & Accomodation will be arranged), 4 seats are allotted to trainees from India on a paid basis, and 4 seats are allotted to International trainees also on a paid basis. Every batch is under the supervision of a Program Director / Course Trainer who will Lead , Direct & Conduct  the entire Programme. The decision of the Programme Director is final in all matters related to admission, training, and evaluation of the candidates.

Candidates desirous of enrolling themselves into our programmes should send the following information to

1. Name, Age, Sex, Nationality, Contact number (preferably Whatsapp No), Contact Address, Category under which application is  made ( International / Domestic, If Domestic  FREE / PAID ), Whether prior surgical training records/ log book available or not.

2. Detailed BioData / CV

3. Scanned Photocopies of PostGraduate Qualification / Residency training / Board Registration/ MCI Registration / IMA registration

4. Scanned Photocopies of Undergraduate Qualification & Income Certificate ( For Free Category applications only)

5. Recent Scanned Photograph

5. Application Processing fee (Non Refundable) of USD 250 ( Two hundred and fifty U.S.Dollars) or Equivalent ,   International candidates may remit the fee   through  Wire Transfer using the SWIFT code SBININBB, A/C no 10334027021, State Bank of India, Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore, Account Name: Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya. .  Local Candidates applying in the paid category should send a Demand draft for Rs 15000/- ( Fifteen Thousand only) in favour of "Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya" payable at Bangalore, India. Candidates applying in the free category are exempted from paying the application fee whatsoever. Currently all positions upto the May 2021 session are filled / unavailable and we are accepting trainees for the  September 2021 Sessions only or against cancellations for previous sessions. Candidates applying under Paid Category must apply in the proper format mentioned above and should be accompanied by the DD/wire transfer ( USD 250/- for application processing fee + USD 21,000/- Complete Course fees for all the 3 modules). Casual / Incomplete Applications sent without the requisite information or the fees will not be entertained and are liable to be rejected without assigning any reason thereof.

On receipt of the above mentioned details, we will communicate with you regarding your application status and available trainee positions in a particular session,  Availability of accomodation, visa assistance etc. 

On confirmation of training position for a candidate, the candidate must be prepared to pay the entire course fees upfront for which a receipt will be issued. A letter confirming the training position will be issued which can be utilized for obtaining a visa prior to the actual travel. Further Assistance regarding Accomodation, food, etc will also be extended on a complimentary basis.

Level 0 is conducted  for all registered candidates prior proceeding to Level A compulsorily. For Indian Candidates, the  Course Fees for each module from Level A to Level C is Rs 500,000/- INR per module (Rs 15L for all three modules)  along with additional consumables (PFCL, Vitrectomy Probes, Silicon oil,etc) utilized during the training process which will be charged as per actuals. For candidates enrolling to take all the 3 modules together and who have had prior surgical training , a reduction / scholarship / financial aid of 5% is applicable on the final course fee (USD 19950/-) on  production of authenticated surgical logbook with the signature & seal of course director / institute which is mandatory to claim. Candidates failing to clear level 0 even after 2 unsuccessful attempts will be eligible for a 75% refund on the overall course fee paid (for Ex, if an International Candidate has paid USD 21000/- upfront , refund of USD 15,750/-).

International Candidates who book well in advance (April 2022 session) will be eligible for a maximum concession of upto 50% of the  above stated course fees. Candidates opting for all 3 modules as an integrated course will be given preference over candidates who opt to undergo in only a single module. However if any seats are vacant, such seats will be filled up by candidates who want to undergo training in only one module or by waitlisted candidates who desire immediate enrollment if possible in the forthcoming sessions by paying the full fees.

 Please indicate your preference to undergo training either in one go  or staggered with a gap of 6 months between modules.

Please note that the course fees once paid is non refundable. However if for any reason beyond our control we are unable to accomodate the candidate in the specified course ( such as due to inability to obtain Temporary License from Medical Council of INDIA, Visa related issues, etc) the candidate will be eligible for a 75% refund of the total deposit made by him/her after deducting the applicable bank transfer charges. You can also request us to send an online payment link through paycillin wallet by sending us a mail at

For International Trainees, we also provide complimentary first year free membership to our elite group International Ophthalmologists Academy, a professional group of around 1800 ophthalmologists whose purpose is to seek, serve, share and support Ophthalmologists worldwide. Trainees will benefit by interacting with some of the best minds in Ophthalmology whose advice they can seek at all times. Additionally, difficult cases can be discussed, videos can be viewed, case studies may be requested as well as a host of other support is enabled.

Trainees who are considering or undergoing training in other institutions will also benefit enormously by availing a paid membership to this forum. To become a member of International Ophthalmologists Academy, Please click here

You are also advised to plan for your training  and contact us at least 3 months in advance before your enrollment as the visa, registration and other formalities may take more than  8-12 weeks for completion.


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