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Sri Venkateshwara Nethralaya, Eye Hospital & Lasik Centre has started its 3rd centre at Kengeri, Opp VidhyaGanapathy temple, old outer ring road, kengeri Satellite town. For Appointments @ our kengeri centre please call on 28487484, 28488484, 9148316772.. For Appointments @ RRnagar Pls call 28603343,28601143,28607713,9379512374, 9108539710.. For Appointments @ Ramanagara Pls Call 27274773, 27274776, 7019412265, 6361231756. Due To COVID-19, (1)  Appointment Scheduling over Phone  is a must, (2) Please follow the One Patient One Attender Policy strictly to avoid overcrowding  (3) Please Scrub with Alcohol based Sanitizer prior to entry  (4) There will be no entry without face masks for both attender and patient  (5) Please bear with us for enhanced waiting times between 45 minutes to 1.5 hrs before you can see the doctor (6) Please maintain social distancing of about 6ft at all times (7)  Please use digital modes of payment as much as possible and avoid cash transactions  (8) If you have fever, cough, breathing difficulty, or if you have a history of recent travel to another district or if you have been in contact with a COVID positive case, please do not visit the eye hospital at this time as you will be denied entry to the hospital, you have to visit the fever clinic in a covid first responder hospital and certified by them on your corona status before we are allowed to see you. (9) Avoid spitting in public places and avoid visiting overcrowded places for your own safety. Kindly cooperate



Night Vision Abnormalities

Most people complain of blurred vision which is equal during the day as well as night. However, some patients selectively complain of night vision difficulties which may occur in certain retinal disorders like Retinitis pigmentosa, Rod dystrophy etc.

However a new group of disorders hitherto unclassified is now emerging which is labelled as "Higher Order Abberations". Here the quality of vision in terms of contrast sensitivity, glare, coloured haloes is affected and the visual performance can be severely affected especially for patients during activities done under low levels of brightness..For Ex- Night Driving of Cars, Trains, Planes etc..Working on any Equipment with LED light sources may become irritating. Recognizing SIgnBoards, Road Dividers etc as well as estimation of humps, bumps become difficult. Some examples are illustrated below in higher degrees of severity.



Previously these disorders were not treatable as they could not be accurately estimated or quantified.  Currently, Advanced equipments called as Abberometers provide reliable data which can be utlized in the treatment of many of these conditions. Customized Lasik treatments utilize these parameters to optimize the Higher order abberations within "natural" levels so that they are not visually debilitating.

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